Foundation Repair


When your foundation begins to fail, it’s easy to assume that the only solution is to lift up your property, remove the old foundation, and then replace with a new foundation. Good news. When you hire Foundation Technology, this is not true! We offer Fast, Non-Disruptive, Permanent Foundation Repair!

At Foundation Technology, we can permanently repair your damaged foundation in 3-7 days and with almost no disruption of your daily life. And the best part. You will not have to relocate at any point during the repair! Our foundation repair methods are the most cost effective, non-invasive, and Eco-friendly solutions in the industry. They come with a 25-year, transferable warranty too! Call (661) 294-1313 to schedule your inspection.

Foundation repairs or Concerns? We can fix it today!

Push & Helical Piers

We drive or “screw” steel piers into the earth, beneath the problem soil, to competent load bearing strata or bedrock. These piers are attached to the footings of your foundation by steel brackets. This is the only way to permanently stabilize a foundation because we are actually bypassing the cause of damage, which is the soil beneath the home or building. more

Push Piers & Piles 

Helical Piers & Anchors