Residential Foundation Repair

At Foundation Technology, we offer an array of residential foundation repair services designed to meet your needs and requirements. All our foundation repair services are backed by engineered solutions, and performed by certified technicians and fully trained inspectors.

Signs of Foundation Failure

One major sign of foundation problems are sinking or settling of floors, and the footing that supports your house.

A sign of foundation problems is a sinking or settling foundation

Sinking or Settling Foundation: Caused by changes in the conditions below your foundation. Sinking and settlement occurs when moisture conditions in the soil change and cause soil consolidation or heaving of the soil that supports your homes foundation.

Concrete and Mortar cracks are a sign of foundation problems

Concrete and Mortar Cracks: Settlement of your foundation occurs when the soil around your foundation experiences shrinkage. This is caused by a reduction in water, often due to drought or other conditions that reduce the amount of moisture in the soil below your foundation.

Gaps and cracks between your floors and walls are a sign of possible foundation problems.

Gaps & Cracks Between Floor & Wall: When the foundation beneath your home begins to settle, it can cause the walls in the home to pull away from the floors or ceiling due to the lack of support. If this occurs and you go without residential foundation repair services for too long, severe damage to your both your homes structure and foundation can occur.

Cracks in your foundation, depending on their size, can be a sign of foundation problems.

Cracks in your foundation depending on their size can be a sign of foundation problems.

Foundation Cracks: Also a sign of foundation settlement, there are different types of foundation cracks caused by different things. Your contractor can help you understand what’s causing your foundation to crack and what house foundation repair services you need to fix the issue.

Sticking doors & windows are a common symptom associated with foundation problems.

Sticking Doors & Windows: In most instances, if you have windows or doors that stick, you are facing potential foundation settlement.

Bowing or leaning walls are a common symptom of foundation problems.

Bowing or Leaning Basement Walls: The most common cause of bowing, bulging, or leaning foundation walls is excess pressure from the ground around the foundation.

Do You Have Foundation Problems? We Can Fix it!

If you are experiencing any of the above common foundation symptoms, or any other symptoms of concern, Foundation Technology is here to help. We offer a variety of guaranteed home foundation repair services to meet your needs. Our professional technicians can inspect your home and diagnose your specific problems. Once we understand what’s causing your foundation woes, we will create a solution tailored to your needs.

Foundation Technology is proud to partner with Earth Contact Products, and other advanced foundation repair products. All of the products Foundation Technology uses are manufactured in the USA, guaranteed to providing you with the best, most long-lasting foundation repair results.

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