Janice M. – Homeowner

Justin was great, very professional, he knew what he was doing. He was well organized, the project appeared to have been thoroughly planned out. Once Justin and his crew arrived, they immediately went to work. His crew was very professional, friendly, and thorough as well. Justin kept me informed throughout the process and he allowed me to film the work as they went along which was very exciting to watch. I really appreciate the fact that all through the process they cleaned up or put back whatever they moved or changed. In addition, they replaced the step which was broken in the process of digging up the dirt which I really needed. Once completed I felt that the foundation work was sound and I believe my house is and will be secure. Thanks very much and tell Justin and the guys, ‘Great Job’. I appreciate it!

John K.- Tennant

After noticing the sinking floor was getting worse in the kitchen of the duplex I’m renting, I called the owner of the property about the problem. The owner ended up calling Foundation Technology for an inspection. They showed up the same day to inspect the property and determined there was foundation damage. They were eventually hired for the work. The crew at Foundation Technology showed up on time, were very professional and courteous, and did a great job at permanently repairing the damage. The floor no longer sinks. I work from my home office and was not disturbed at any point during the three-day repair. I highly recommend Foundation Technology to anyone in need of foundation repair.

John K.- Tennant

Great overall experience! Over the past few years, we noticed a few bedroom doors and windows started jamming. The problem kept getting worse and eventually became difficult to even crack two of the windows. We had Foundation Technology come and inspect our property. When the inspection was complete, they very clear about the work that needed to be done and the pricing of that work. The reason we had foundation damage was because the earth that our home is on was unstable. This movement weakened our foundation and the doors and windows were jamming because the house was beginning to tilt. A day later I received a bid that reflected exactly what was explained. The bid was for piers that would permanently resolve our foundation issues. I was very satisfied with the repair process and the entire job only took four days!!! I couldn’t imagine using another company and can’t thank Foundation Technology enough for making such a stressful situation bearable.

Jim N. – Homeowner

I live in Michigan and own a rental property in Los Angeles. Last summer, while visiting the house, I noticed cracks in the bricks and severe sinking on one corner of the home. I was only in town for a few more days so they sent out an inspector that day. Jerry spent 2 hours inspecting my foundation and then took the time to explain what caused the damage and how it could be permanently fixed. That afternoon I received a detailed estimate that stated what repairs were to be performed, along with pictures of the damage to help me better understand. Overall, it was a very smooth experience. They were very transparent throughout the whole process and performed the repairs quickly without being disruptive to my tenants. I would highly recommend Foundation Technology for any foundation issues.
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