A 2-part polyurethane expansive foam is injected underneath a foundation to both pressurize/stabilize the soil and attempt to lift a foundation that has settled. In many cases the operation is a great success. The foam expands and fills the loose soil, then as pressure builds, begins to lift the soil below the foundation, eventually lifting the foundation back to its original elevation.  Polyurethane deep injection is a permanent solution provided the cause of the settlement has been eliminated. It is also a cost effective and minimally invasive procedure for residential foundation settlement or stabilization. All repair technicians with foundation technology are manufacturer trained and certified to solve your homes foundation problems with polyurethane foam deep injection techniques. 
Polyfoam concrete leveling can be used for many applications, such as:
● Sinking concrete can be fixed with polyurethane foam foundation leveling
● Driveways
● Garages
● Patios
● Sidewalks
● Pool patios
● Parking lots
● Courtyards
Sinking concrete is caused by soils that have shifted or washed away from under your concrete slabs. Soil that is prone to compression can also be a factor. During the polyurethane foam slab lifting process, holes are drilled into the concrete slab in predetermined places. Once the holes are drilled, ports are put into the holes. The polyurethane foam is then injected into the ports and is spread evenly to fill gaps and spaces under the slab, raising it back to its original position. Watch the video below to see the process:

The benefits of the Polypier process are numerous:

Polyfoam concrete leveling can be used for many applications, such as:

● Permanent

● Easy to apply

● Takes little time

● Cost-effective

● Environmentally responsible

● Moisture tolerant and resistant



If you have sinking or cracked concrete, do not hesitate— polyurethane foam foundation repair might be the perfect solution for you. Contact the team of experts from Foundation Technology today for a no-cost inspection. Eliminate trip and fall hazards and improve your home or business’s curb appeal and value with polyfoam concrete leveling. Our team is here to answer your questions and help you with your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you!


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