Due to the simplicity of the procedure geopolymer foam can reduce disruption to road users through the speed and mobility of our ground injection solutions.
This means we can deliver road improvement solutions overnight and enable the roadway  to be fully open during the daytime.
Rehabilitating key infrastructure, such as roadways, dams, and stormwater systems, using geotechnical polyurethanes are the most cost effective and rapid solution for getting those assets back into operation.  .

Conventional methods of removal, and reconstruction are time consuming and generally far more costly. In many areas of high traffic, conventional methods of reconstruction would put undue burdens on infrastructure and/or operations.
Foundation Technology offer a multiple applications of single and dual component geopolymer products and techniques developed and tested for over 30 years that are trusted industry wide to perform as expected in the field, with the results you need for immediate results. Geotechnical Polyurethane foam, or geopolymer foam deep injection methods, compact the soil beneath roads to increase subsurface stable, without any need for excavation, reducing downtime substantially. It is a quick and efficient solution to any issue with unstable subsoil or voiding that causes sinking slabs or fracturing and major potholing.
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