Soil Matters: Understanding Foundation Challenges

Inadequate drainage of surface water, whether from rain or irrigation, often leads to saturation of the subgrade soil, the layer beneath your home. This is a prime factor behind foundation problems in Southern California. This inadequate drainage can occur when the topography is flat, slopes towards the house, the volume of irrigation is excessively high, or torrential rains create ponding conditions. In some cases, water may have no escape route, resembling a 'bathtub scenario', or the drains could be blocked.


Particularly problematic are situations where adjacent yards or planter areas are flat or sloping towards the house. This can lead to soil adjacent to the foundation becoming saturated due to inadequate surface drainage during irrigation, past heavy rains, or excessive hose use along the backyard wall.


One commonly encountered scenario is rain gutters that drain directly adjacent to the foundation, often into a planter, which then creates pooling. Ensuring proper drainage is crucial to keep water away from perimeter foundations and prevent foundation movement. As water seeps through the topsoil, it can saturate the subgrade soil under the foundation, rendering the soil under the foundation more compressible and potentially problematic.
A Sinking Foundation
Pay attention to the outside of your home. If one side appears higher than the other, or your home seems to be buckling in the middle, it could be a sign of a sinking foundation. A sinking porch is another indication.
Foundation Disturbance
A foundation disturbance, the opposite of a sinking foundation, can occur when a slab foundation moves significantly over time. This can cause upheaval of your foundation, impacting the interior of your home and the perimeter.
Difficulty Opening and Closing Doors
If your exterior doors start to stick when you open or close them, or you notice a misalignment when looking at the door and door jam, it may be a sign of foundation issues.
Countertops Cracking or Separating from the Wall
Kitchen and bathroom counters that have started to pull away from the walls or show cracks could be a sign of serious foundation problems.
Windows that are Out of Alignment
Regularly inspect your windows. Windowsills pulling away from the wall or windows that won't open or close properly may indicate foundation issues.
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