● A drainage system is a structure or network of structures designed to remove storm runoff and excess irrigation water from your property. Water from storm runoff or irrigation can cause substantial problems with both foundation settlement and potential mold growth, two issues that can have a major impact on residential properties in California.  70% of foundation issues in California are due to poor drainage.  California’s drainage law is based on “good neighbor policies” of what constitutes reasonable action. These accepted principles give every landowner a right to discharge surface water in a reasonable manner, where the lower-elevation landowners have an obligation to accept the upper-elevation landowner discharges equal to its preconstruction flow volumes and velocities. Essentially, every landowner must take reasonable care to avoid damage to adjacent property.
● Drainage systems are usually made up of underground pipes and trenches. Sometimes, retention ponds or diversion dams are incorporated to slow water down as it flows out. These systems help prevent too much stormwater from being released too quickly. If everything is working correctly, excess water will drain into your local sewer or wastewater treatment facility, where it can be treated and safely released back into the waterways. This process is called drainage.  It’s what keeps areas dry and safe for people to live and work.
● Residential drainage systems need to be in accordance with the local building codes.
●  A civil engineer specializing in residential drainage design on a property will focus on cross-lot drainage for upstream properties, ensuring that the drainage improvements will not increase the volume or velocity of surface flows beyond their natural conditions to the detriment of downstream landowners. WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE POOR DRAINAGE
●  Since drainage issues are a major cause for foundation issues in California, it makes since that a qualified foundation repair contractor can recommend and remedy your drainage problems. Unfortunately, most homeowners don't recognize the minor drainage issues until it becomes a major erosion or foundation problem. Foundation Technology has the expertise and experience to cure your property drainage problems, including design, grading, and construction of French drains, storm and irrigation runoff drains.

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