Alternative Foundation Repair Techniques

Caissons and Pier Pilings

Caissons and pier pilings, both made of durable wood or concrete, have been long-standing methods to provide foundational support. These techniques involve drilling deep into the ground until a stable stratum is reached. The deep hole is then filled with concrete (in the case of caissons) or inserted with pilings, providing a stable base to prevent further foundation settlement.

Mud Jacking


Mud Jacking, also known as slabjacking, was a prevalent method until the '90s. It involves injecting a mixture of mud or sand and cement through two-inch holes drilled through or under the foundation. This process hydraulically lifts and supports the foundation. Despite a significant failure rate in lifting applications, it's still widely employed to fill voids and depressions underneath foundations caused by soil consolidation and erosion, ensuring further stability.


At Foundation Technology, we're committed to utilizing the best-suited method for your unique situation. Our experienced professionals are adept in all these techniques, providing you with a comprehensive range of solutions for any foundation issue you may encounter.

Removal and Replacement of Foundation

When a foundation is significantly compromised, removal and replacement may become necessary. This technique, utilized for almost 200 years, involves lifting the structure, constructing a new concrete foundation, and then slowly lowering the structure onto the newly-built base. Although considered a last resort due to the complex and invasive nature of the process, it provides a completely new, strong foundation for the structure.

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