The "toe" of a slope is essentially the bottom, or base of the slope.  
It may be directly  behind your retainer wall, next to your house, or at the bottom of your  down slope property.
The toe of a slope is farthest away from the head scarp.  
What is a head scarp?  The head is the upslope portion of the landslide, often the grade level of you hillside home, especially on 'cut and fill' lots.  

This phenomenon is known as slope failure or landslide. What are the consequences? Slope failure know as landslides, constitute a significant risk to you and your home, and is often accompanied by the destruction of property, injury, and loss of life. 
Signs of slope failure.
     ● Leaning retainer walls
     ● Horizontal separation between patios and house
     ● Excess hillside erosion
     ● Water seepage midway or at toe of slope.
     ● Foundation settlement on the side of your home nearest to slope.
     ● Elevation differential changes in yard closest to slope  
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